I am definitely going to Africa.

I pored over maps of Africa, dreaming of the day I would step off a tiny bush plane into the sweltering heat and winds of a remote tribal land somewhere in Africa.

I dreamt of Africa, even sponsored a child from Africa. If I was not living in it as a missionary, I’d be a foreign correspondent who traveled there, writing harrowing tales of civil wars and tribal clashes.

Yet, here I was on a bush plane flying over the lush, river-veined terrain of the Melanesian island of Papua.

At thirty-one years old, I still have never been to Africa.

Leaving-8The river systems in PNG are the arteries of life for the island nation. Rivers provide the main supplies of food, drinking and cooking water, a place to bathe, and the key source of transportation. It is by these rivers that life in the Gulf Province exists. It was on one of these tributaries that an incredible story of a bush hospital has been unfolding since the 1950s: the story of Kapuna. Little did I know, Kapuna would not only tell an incredible story of hope and life, it would bring me healing, peace, and a family of multiple tribes and tongues.”